Our Approach

People have intimate connections with fashion and furniture. And those relationships can be complicated. Not only does a garment or a furniture piece need to look a certain way, it has to make someone feel a certain way. That is why Grant Trick’s apparel design experience is so deeply rooted in his approach to furniture. He comes at it from a pattern maker’s perspective, and for him, it all begins with fabric. Grant’s knowledge of fabric, machinery and techniques stems from years of designing and manufacturing tailored sportswear. He applies methods and tools that are anything but standard in the furniture industry.

ach piece is thoughtful, intentional and personal to Grant and his team of highly skilled artisans. He collaborates constantly with interior designers, and before the first cut is made, there are hundreds questions about how the client lives and how the piece will be used. Then he goes to work. Grant’s level of involvement in the workroom is all in, cutting, layout, tailoring and matching tufting plans. He immerses himself in every step of every process, from frames, foundations, springs, build up, cushion inserts and comfort melding. The result is an extra measure of refinement, and a steadfast commitment to creating something truly special for the interior designer and the client.

Every piece is formed with elements of our craft