Impeccably Made

We are tailors of fine furniture. We are masters of fabric, fully obsessed with the art of pattern making. Our approach was shaped decades ago in the garment district, and our practices adhere to the rich and noble history of suiting and styling. For us, fit is everything. We meticulously taper to every contour, fuss over every stitch and hand sew every tuft. Many of our techniques are tedious. Many of our methods are centuries old. And many of our machines are odd antiques, built long ago for the dressmaking trade. These are the things that make us a rarity in modern-day manufacturing. We are old-school perfectionists, who firmly believe that the right way is the only way, and that every piece we make should be crafted carefully, refined repeatedly and finished flawlessly.

I want to be connected to the people I am making these pieces for.

Grant Trick